The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest Jewish ghetto which contained a total of 500,000 during it’s existence.

A set of scrip is attributed to the ghetto. It was thought to have been produced by either the Jewish underground or the ghetto post office. However since no one that survived the ghetto recalls seeing the issue there is speculation of it’s authenticity. The initials RZwW which stands for the Jewish Government in Warsaw and SPDZ which stands for the Jewish Postal Division. The notes are blue and were printed from wood or linoleum plates that were hand engraved. The notes were produced in 6 denominations. The 50 Groszy note is very symbolic the number 18 in Hebrew stands for life. The 18 stars have traveled to the side of the fence opposite the flames of the SS.

  • 5 Groszy
    5 Groszy
  • 10 Groszy
    10 Groszy
  • 15 Groszy
    15 Groszy
  • 20 Groszy
    20 Groszy
  • 25 Groszy
    25 Groszy
  • 50 Groszy
    50 Groszy