Campo Concentramento P.G. 73

Campo Concentramento P.G. 73 was located in Fossoli di Carpi near Modena and was first a camp for British POWs.

After the surrender of Italy the Germans occupied the camp imprisoning members of the Italian army and sending the British POWs to Germany. Later the Italian fascists of the CSR (Solo Republic) took over the camp and began imprisoning Jews who were then turned over to the SS. The SS took over the camp February 15, 1944. More than 5000 prisoners were sent from the camp, half of whom went to Auschwitz. Primo Levy was one of those temporarily held in the camp. Denominations of 1, 2, 5, and 10 lire exist

  • 1 Lire
    1 Lire
  • 2 Lire
    2 Lire
  • 10 Lire
    10 Lire