Canada Internment Camp I (41)

Camp I later known as camp 41 was located on Ile aux Noix which is an island on the Richelieu in Quebec.

The camp was at Ft. Lennox which was built in the 1820′s to defend a possible invasion from the United States. The camp began receiving Jewish refugees in July 1940 and closed December 1943 holding a population of 273 that arrived on the Sobieski. Two types of chits have been found, with the only difference being the name of the commandant. Major E.D.P. Kippen was the commandant when the camp first opened in 1940. He was replaced by Major B.R Racey as commandant in 1940 and served until 1942 when he was replaced by Major B. Thompson. Two denominations are known a five and ten cent with Kippen on type 1 and Racey on type 2. Those pictured are possibly the only ones known.

  • 5 Cents
    5 Cents
  • 10 Cents
    10 Cents
  • Camp I booklet cover
    Camp I booklet cover