Civilian Internment Camp General Issue

The Isle of Man was the site of several internment camps to house enemy aliens (primarily German Jewish refugees).

A set of general issues of scrip was prepared in denominations of 3 pence,6 pence,1 shilling, 1/2 crown, and 5 shillings.  The notes feature the letters HO which stands for home office and are similar to the POW general issues that feature WD for war department.  Many of these notes will have overstamps that reflect the actual camp or area they were used in.

  • 3 Pence
    3 Pence
    3 Pence
  • 6 Pence
    6 Pence
  • 1 Shilling
    1 Shilling
  • 2 Shillings 6 Pence (half crown)
    2 Shillings 6 Pence (half crown)
  • 5 Shillings
    5 Shillings