The Curragh Camp was located in Ireland about 35 miles southwest of Dublin.

The camp was unique since it contained POWs from both Allied and Axis nations as well as members of the IRA.  Since Ireland was a neutral country and wished to remain so it kept the captives rather than return them to their nation of origin.  This is also why the camp is considered an internment camp rather than a POW camp.  Tokens were issued in brass and aluminum and in denominations of 1 pence, 6 pence, 1 shilling, and 2 shilling.  The tokens are only struck on one side the reverse is blank.

  • 1 Pence
    1 Pence
  • 6 Pence
    6 Pence
  • 1 Shilling
    1 Shilling
  • 2 Shilling
    2 Shilling