Camp 146 was located in Mortara and was opened in March 1943 with the purpose of using POWs as a labor force.  The camp held British, Canadian, and New Zealand POWs.  On September 8, 1943 with the Italian armistice the camp was abandoned by the guards. Many POWs escaped but in a few days the Germans took over the camp and recaptured many of the escapees.  The local population was paid 1600 lire for every POW they reported.  The denominations issued were 1, 2, 5, and 10 lire.

  • 1 Lire
    1 Lire
  • 2 Lire
    2 Lire
  • 5 Lire
    5 Lire
  • 10 Lire
    10 Lire