Naivaska Camp No. 2

Naivasha was located near Nairobi, Kenya and was a temporary holding camp for Italian POWs along with Gil Gil, Thika, and Lionandi.

Very little is known about the camp, with all of the POWs sent to larger camps in India or the UK. The scrip is very scarce with only a few pieces know until a booklet saved by an Italian POW Giacobbo Franco who returned to his home town of Palermo in 1945. The booklet was eventually purchased from his granddaughter. The contents of the booklet was 6 five cent, 6 ten cent, 4 twenty five cent, 2 fifty cent, and 1 one shilling note.

  • 5 Cents
    5 Cents
  • 10 Cents
    10 Cents
  • 25 Cents
    25 Cents
  • 50 Cents
    50 Cents
  • 1 Shilling
    1 Shilling