New Jersey and New York Italian Service Units

After the September 1943 armistice Italy was no longer considered to be at war with the allies.  Italian POWs were given the choice of remaining in POW camps or work in Italian Service Units.  The ISUs were not as strict as the POW camps and the Italians in the units had much more freedom.  There were many camps but only camps in New Jersey and New York issued chits.

New Jersey had three camps that issued chits Belle Mead, Kilmer, and Raritan Arsenal and New York had one camp that issued chits Port Terminals.

  • Belle Mead, NJ
    Belle Mead, NJ
  • Kilmer, NJ
    Kilmer, NJ
  • Raritan Arsenal, NJ
    Raritan Arsenal, NJ
  • Port Terminals, NY
    Port Terminals, NY