Oflag II-D

Oflag II-D was a German run POW camp located near Gross Born Germany now Borne Sulinowo Poland. In 1939 the camp was opened to house Polish POWs.

After June 1940 the Polish POWs were moved and replaced by over 3100 French officers along with over 500 orderlies from the Battle of France. In 1942 the French POWs were moved and replaced by Polish officers. A second camp was built for Soviet POWs very few of which survived the war. The camp was liberated in May 1945. Scrip was issued in October 1944 in 5 denominations, 10 and 50 groszy, and 1, 5, and 10 piast. However the 5 and 10 piast are unknown.

  • 10 Groszy
    10 Groszy
  • 50 Groszy
    50 Groszy
  • 1 Piast
    1 Piast